Jeffrey Foucault and Lisa Olstein  [Press Release]

Jeffrey Foucault and Lisa Olstein [Press Release]

Cold Satellite is a collaboration between acclaimed singer and songwriter Jeffrey Foucault and award-winning poet Lisa Olstein. It’s also a rock album and a rock band. The group's eponymous album, Cold Satellite, was released in 2010 (U.S.) and 2011 (Europe). Its second album, Cavalcade, was released in April 2013.

Pairing Olstein's poems and lyrics with Foucault’s compositions and the rawboned authority of a rock band, Cold Satellite weaves together strands of primitive rock, blues, R&B and Country in a contemporary re-figuring of the nexus of poetry and song. Featuring Billy Conway (Morphine, Twinemen) on drums; Jeremy Moses Curtis (Booker T) on bass; David Goodrich (Chris Smither) on electric guitars; and Nashville session veteran Alex McCollough on pedal steel.



Greil Marcus’s Real Life Rock Top Ten List, #1: A collaboration with the poet Lisa Olstein, who wrote the words for Foucault’s drawl—a drawl that sometimes grows a tail so long it curls around itself, with a country feel that puts the people who live in the Nashville charts to shame.  The Believer

★ ★ ★ ★: A little gem of an album. The American singer-songwriter's sixth album is written in collaboration with acclaimed young American poet Lisa Olstein and the result is impressive, both for its lyrics and music. The lyrics are full of unexpected, poetic, treats. . . A powerful mix of rock, folk, and country.  The Telegraph (UK)

★ ★ ★ ★: At the dawn of the 21st century, Cold Satellite intuitively captures mankind's journey through the seasons.  Maverick Magazine

Olstein’s lyrics are beautiful, and often chilling. They contribute to the dangerous aura of the music – no June, moon, spoon, stuff here. Rather, they’re reminiscent of Jim Carroll’s best stuff – dark, full of anarchic Bacchanalian energy waiting to bust out. . . Every tune packs an emotional and musical punch. Which makes it a mighty powerful piece of work.  – Vintage Guitar Magazine

12 sinewy tracks that often echo the brooding eloquence of Foucault’s earlier work, but nearly as often stretch in previously untraveled directions as the songwriter approaches his craft from a new angle and broadens his melodic palette in the process... 
– Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Find it on  iTunes  or at  Amazon .

Find it on iTunes or at Amazon.


The songwriting is imaginative and arresting. Careless Flame and Cavalcade are powerful songs of lost love. The album is not an easy listen but intriguing, nonetheless. You might think that Necessary Monsters, for example, is another tale about horses and guns – but when asked about the song's meaning, Olstein told the band that it was about being pregnant. The highlight of the album is the moving song Glass Hands, which contains the lines:
   You always meant to leave, you always said you'd go, Come summer come fall, 
   Come hard blown winter snow, Go ahead and walk away, Like you don't even care,
  But leave me your glass hands to hold.
                                                                              The Telegraph UK 

What a complex experience this is, modern poetry set in the back seat of a roaring rock ‘n’ roll muscle car. The effect, as Cavalcade unfolds, is at first very visceral and then deeply illuminating... Only on repeated listenings do you begin to grasp the complexity of Olstein’s contributions, so filled with wonder and fear, darkness and light. Cold Satellite’s Cavalcade — part Crazy Horse, part e.e. cummings — just seems to get better with each successive spin. –Nick DeRiso, Something Else Reviews

A country-rock triumph, an accomplishment in the vein of the great Twangtrust stuff Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy used to do, or going further back, an album like Tonight's the Night... strong guitars, heavy rhythm and lots of emotion.  – When You Motor Away

In purely poetic terms, Olstein is very much a contemporary poet, mostly eschewing traditional bounds of form and regular meter for unhinged and sophisticated imagery that possesses a music with its own logic and rhythm, even if it’s not the sort you’ll find in sonnets of yore. – Valley Advocate

Cavalcade" is about as unfussy as an album gets, pairing Olstein's vivid and impressionistic verses with music that sounds birthed in garages and honky tonks. 
– Boston by Beat

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